About Seth

On this blog you can find all the trips that I had, I’ll try to collect them all. I lost many photos, which is too bad. Some I still have them, thou it is not the original resolution.


All the materials on this blog own by me and most taken by me, otherwise I would put it on the water mark. And thanks to those I couldn’t mention one by one.

Credit goes to Ekspedisi NKRI Koridor Papua Bagian Selatan 2017, which I was involved for about 5 months in Merauke as part of Media and Database Team for Subkorwil-3/ Merauke. I had the chance to visit and witness the nature, culture and people in Kabupaten Merauke with total about 8 Districts.

This version of Seth Adventure @ WordPress.com is to backup the data or posts that I have on my official website at http://www.seth-adventure.info Not necessarily the design, but at least now I’m doing it at least for the contents. So I can keep sharing my passions, culture & people, nature, and my shots (photography, not technically thou). Enjoy!

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